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Bates Victims Add Up To More Than Mere ‘Anecdotes’

One of the many ironic things about the court-ordered dismantling of Larry Bates’ ill-gotten financial empire is that a frequent part of his legal defense was to dismiss as mere “anecdotes” the individual stories of victims created by the deceitful … [Read more]

Finally, Larry Bates Has Been Stopped In His Tracks

The precious-metals empire that Larry Bates built on a foundation of deceit and larceny finally appears to be crumbling. Today a federal judge in Memphis placed Bates, his FAMC precious-metals operation and all of Bates’ personal assets in … [Read more]

Washington’s spending ‘fix’ is hardly anything of the sort

For anyone believing that the short-term Band-Aid on America’s fiscal disaster makes any difference for now or later, we must disabuse you of that notion right away: The “fix” this week was for political purposes only and does absolutely nothing to … [Read more]

Gold Becomes Au Courant In U.S. Government ‘Shutdown’

Judging by the breathless worry expressed by pundits in the nation’s mainstream news media, one might think the continuing U.S.-government “shutdown” imperils our very existence. But the truth is that the endless, bitter wrangling in Washington … [Read more]

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